About Us

The way we do it

The Pie Factory New York-style pizza in Alabama

Our Founders

The building we call home in Historic Downtown Florence was built in the 1800s by craftsmen using age old techniques and hand tools, upon a foundation of stone. We believe that it remains standing, as strong as the men & women who built it, because they took the care to do it right.

The Pie Factory New York-style pizza in Alabama

Our Process

Here at the Pie Factory, we cook your pizza on stone, in a traditional pizza oven. We use age old techniques to make your pizza by hand. We believe it’s a fitting tribute to those who were here before us, because like them, we believe in taking the care to do things right.

We make our sauces in house. Every day.

We make our dough in house. Every day.

From the veggies we chop, to the meats we slice, you can be confident that the food we serve didn’t come out of a freezer or go into a microwave.

It was made fresh. It was made today. And it was made for you.

The Pie Factory New York-style pizza in Alabama

Ordering Options

We proudly offer 3 dine-in locations in North Alabama: Florence, Muscle Shoals and Jasper, AL. If you prefer to enjoy our food in the comfort of your home, we offer carry out orders by phone and online. We also offer delivery through our partner, GrubSouth.

Made fresh everyday

We make our own dough in house daily and offer a variety of savory sauces and cheeses with the freshest toppings available. Choose from one of our specialty pies, or create your own unique masterpiece.

Come & Enjoy

Our laid-back, welcoming atmosphere is perfect for business lunches, family gatherings, or just hanging out with friends after work. We welcome you to come experience pizza the way it was meant to be.

Gourmet New York-style pizza